God Allowed Mahama To Lose 2016 Elections…He’ll Rise Again Like Jesus Christ – Kofi Adams

“When Jesus Christ came to this earth, he healed the sick, fed those who were hungry and did many things for the needy and mankind including signs

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When Jesus Christ came to this earth, he healed the sick, fed those who were hungry and did many things for the needy and mankind including signs and wonders, but later what happened to him? They despised and crucified him when the time came. But he rose again, and in such like manner will ex-President Mahama be president again”, says former National Organizer of the opposition NDC, Kofi Adams.

Sounding all religious, the NDC stalwart pointed out that the crucifixion and the subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ, is similar in electoral context to the defeat and sure and quaranteed victory of the NDC under former President Mahama in next year’s general elections.

Responding to what the NDC will do differently after the woeful defeat in 2016 to win the 2020 elections, Kofi Adams on Okay FM’s “Ade Akye Abia” Morning Show, said “it is not that if you are down in life, it means it is the end of you; you can go down and still come up, that is the teaching of Jesus Christ and we have the belief that just as it happened to Jesus Christ, the same can happen to a political party like the NDC”.

To him, it was the plan of God to allow former President John Dramani Mahama lose the 2016 elections in order to expose the deceptive nature of the Akufo-Addo led government.

God himself knows why he didn’t allow John Dramani Mahama to win the 2016 elections because I am sure that if he had won that election, the noise that the NPP made that they will make Accra the cleanest city in Africa, that 83 ministers under Mahama were many and so they should be reduced and I am sure by now they will still be saying Nana Addo would have used 50 ministers if Mahama had won the 2016 elections. But through change of government, we have seen Nana Addo appointing 123 ministers in government and unable to make Accra the cleanest city,” he stressed.

He added that “with change of government we have seen that the 1D1F which he used state fuel to go to Ekumfi to cut sod for the commencement of a factory with the assurance that a year by this time the factory will be running, today, beyond the sign board, we cannot see anything there but rather individual existing factories have been brandish as 1D1F”.

“We cannot see his campaign promise one-village-One-Dam, as well as the one million dollar per constituency which many Ghanaians thought it would help develop the various constituencies, nothing has been sent to any constituency. And so these promises are meant to deceive Ghanaians”, he reiterated.