Making the Ahafo Case


Making the Ahafo Case

Of course there is nothing bad unless something bad happens. From traditional perspective, when a territory becomes very large to be administered

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Of course there is nothing bad unless something bad happens.

From traditional perspective, when a territory becomes very large to be administered single handedly, division is very appropriate.

Brong Ahafo Region as we all know is the second largest Region in Ghana that covers 39,557km sq.

It is a common proof that governance and development becomes effective in smaller units due to effective supervision and inclusiveness.

The time is now to part ways with our Brothers and Sisters in the Bono area.

Let us all join hands to make this separation a success because it will foster development, enhance proper management of Ghana’s resources. It will enhance the economic opportunities as well as promote- effective governance.

I believe we will develop much better if we stand alone since Ahafo area is richer in terms of resources.

Ahafo aside being the food basket is endowed with natural wealth like Gold, timber etc. Most of these valuable resources remain untapped.

Geological data available at the minerals commission shows that 13% of Ghana Gold extract is from Kenyasi and also Gold is found in commercial quantities at Pomaakrom, Nkaseim and Hwidiem.

There is two tourist attraction in Ahafo that has been abandoned. These can contribute to Ghana revenue generation if given much attention.
Mim Boo(Stone) showing the beauty of God’s creation. A stone that resembles human being and also a White Neck Rock fowl in the Asumura forest reserve.

Interestingly, Brong Ahafo is the second best cocoa producing area in Ghana, Of these 98% of the cocoa produced are from Ahafo. It is in Sankore where 1000acre of land was released to government for cocoa production but the cocoa house was built in Sunyani where Cashew is the main cash crop produced there.

Ahafo also has industries like Ayum forest product (formerly MTC), Mim Cashew brandy that has been abandoned.

The proposed Ahafo region is also endowed with enormous water resources with river Tano being the main.

Ahafo can boast of an array of human resources; Professors, Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, Technocrats in abundance.

Over the years, the people of Ahafo has not benefited from governance system in terms of appointment.
Currently there is not a single minister of state from Ahafo out of the three minister of state supposed to come from Brong Ahafo. But remember the name of the region is Brong and Ahafo.

The creation of Ahafo Region is an opportunity to showcase the huge economic potentials in the area to attract investment for wealth creation and poverty.

I am therefore appealing to each and everyone to support this movement.

Hmm, God is always wonderful.

#For God and Country#

Yeboah Benjamin