NDC robbed the State with impunity – MASLOC CEO

Stephen Amoah, MASLOC CEO The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), Stephen Amoah, has accused the erstw

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Stephen Amoah, MASLOC CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), Stephen Amoah, has accused the erstwhile government of the National Democratic Government of stealing and looting the state with impunity.

He says the government of the New Patriotic Party, unlike the NDC is committed to protecting state resources and improve the impoverished economy the NDC government left behind whiles providing better living conditions for Ghanaians.

He was reacting to some allegations about his outfit procuring cars valued at GH¢28.8million through sole sourcing in an interview on Okay fm’s “Ade Akye Abia” Programme.

Member of Parliament for Ashaiman, Ernest Norgbey claims MASLOC refused to follow due process in awarding a contract under which it (MASLOC) purchased 1,800 second-hand vehicles from Germany.

The Ashaiman MP further alleged that the CEO of MASLOC gave Dextro-Impex Company Limited a letter of comfort to allow the private company to raise funds to execute the contract.

According to him, the contract awarded to a private firm, Dextro-Impex Company Limited by MASLOC did not go through competitive bidding.

The Ashaiman MP said the CEO must answer why he supported a company which did not have the financial muscle to undertake such a contract which was worth so much money.

“It is total grounds for corruption. I don’t need Martin Amidu [Special Prosecutor] to tell me this is grounds for corruption and this is what we are fighting about,” he fumed.

But in a sharp riposte, the MASLOC CEO explained that the alleged contract never materialized and accused the NDC of rather looting state coffers without recourse to sound judgement. According to him, the said contract was abrogated some where last year and thus could not fathom why the NDC would want to resurrect a dead issue.

He strongly held the view that the NDC has a certain agenda to make the current administration not succeed because “this government has refused to loot state coffers like they (NDC) did whilst in power and i am telling them that, that propagandist idea will not wash”.

“They should think about how they can help the NPP government implement the good policies they have introduced and not cripple or tarnish the image of this country with their vile propaganda and corrupt practices. Their corrupt practices and wanton dissipation of the state coffers almost brought the economy to its knees but they should be thankful to the current administration for what we doing to bring life back into the economy,” he stated.

Scores Of NDC & NPP MPs Indebted To MASLOC

The MASLOC CEO revealed that his outfit was bequeathed with limited resources when he assumed office, because the NDC had turned into an avenue for stealing from the national coffers.

MASLOC was established in 2006 by the then government to provide funds for micro and small-scale entrepreneurs to strengthen their operations as an effective and viable strategy for poverty reduction.

But Stephen Amoah asserts the level of indebtedness had rendered MASLOC financially incapacitated to effectively execute its mandate.

He disclosed that scores of Members of Parliament (MPs) from both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) were indebted to MASLOC and his office had petitioned the Clerk of Parliament on the issue.

“The NDC government still thinks they thrive on propaganda, what they are refusing to understand is that this government is working to protect the public purse. With all the limited resources at our disposal, we are still working to retrieve monies from people who are indebted to us including some parliamentarians (both NDC and NPP) who took monies from MASLOC for their own private businesses and are yet to pay back the loans they took.

I will soon petition the Speaker to enable us publish names of those owing us since they have refused to honour their side of the bargain. I have alreday written to the Clerk of Parliament on the issue, i have sent them reminders but they are still reneging on their commitment to repay the loans,” he stated.

Adwoa Safo & Steve Amoah To Face Parliament?

Meanwhile, Parliament is set to question the Procurement Minister over claims MASLOC CEO failed to go through due process in the award of a GH¢28.8 million contract.

Adwoa Safo and Stephen Amoah are to answer for the circumstances under which MASLOC purchased 1,800 second-hand vehicles from Germany for GH¢28.8 million

The Minority in Parliament has vowed to haul the Minister of State in charge of Procurement to the floor to answer questions on the subject.

The Dome Kwabenya MP is expected on the floor this week following a question filed by Ashaiman MP Ernest Norgbe.

Mr Norgbey also alleges that the Mr Amoah gave Dextro-Impex Company Limited a letter of comfort to allow them raise funds to execute the contract.

“At the time that these contracts were signed there was no board in place but the CEO took it upon himself to do all these things. We keep talking about sole sourcing and fighting corruption but if one CEO can take the decision to award a contract worth GH¢28.8 million, then there is every cause to worry,” he said.

Mr Norgbey said irrespective of whether the contract was executed or not, the fact that it was awarded shows something was not done right which must be investigated.