Following the lifting of the first ban which is solely to pave way for individuals who have the ambition to contest the various portfolio's, the

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Following the lifting of the first ban which is solely to pave way for individuals who have the ambition to contest the various portfolio’s, the TESCON fraternity of university of Education, Winneba community is watching out for declaration of intent for TESCON President.

Lambert Dakurah Naazie , in the light of lifting the ban has declared his intent to contest for TESCON PRESIDENT.

Below is his declaration statement

As opined or said by our elders, “You can preach a better sermon with your life than your lips”. I Lambert Dakurah Naazie in furtherance of our political ideology, commitment, dedication, sacrifices, and service to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the clarion call on me to avail myself (experiences, expertise and knowledge) for a leadership responsibility, I humbly declare my intention to contest and to serve you and our dear association as the
President of Tescon UEW. This declaration was arrived at after extensive and painstaking
consultation with leadership and members of our Noble association.

Over the years, I have selflessly sacrificed in service for the great NPP, contributing my quota to the
development and success of the NPP, through fearless activism, impactful communication, and strategic planning. I want to serve the course of the NPP at this level for obvious reasons. Contemporary party management and operations requires sophisticated and unique set of expertise, dynamism, sacrifices, and youthful exuberance. This shall mark a new era of strong advocacy, vigorous mobilization, backed by innovation. Someone who shall front and advocate for decisions and innovation that places the party person (especially, members of the association), first on the agenda.
I call for support and prayers from all and sundry to make my quest of becoming the President for Tescon UEW a reality. I can assure you that every member of the
association would be of utmost priority as we strive to mobilize novel ideas, talents and energies that would metamorphose into progressive policies and better conditions of services for all members.

I humbly accept your calling and declare my willingness, ability, and readiness to serve you and the NPP
as the president of Tescon UEW. I shall work assiduously to foster unity among party members and further strive to support the New Patriotic Party incubate policies and programs that inures to the wellbeing and welfare of our members.

This opportunity is once again utilized to call for support and prayers from all patriots in Tescon UEW and
beyond. I am strong in my conviction and confident that together we are winning in this endeavor. Let us
be strong and courageous, the future beholds good prospects and promising. For there is light, hope and liberty in
Lambert Dakurah Naazie.
Together We Build Tescon UEW.
Long Live NPP!!
Long Live Tescon UEW!!!


Lambert Dakurah Naazie

Leadership first

You Matter, I Matter, Everyone Matters