The CEO of Cocobod should be a Cocoa Farmer based on the logic of Teaching Leadership in Ghana

The CEO of Cocobod should be a Cocoa Farmer based on the logic of Teaching Leadership in Ghana

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I hold teachers in high esteem. For those who don’t know, my mum was a teacher. ‘Once a teacher, always a teacher’ in the voice of my mother. I love teachers. This love is unconditional and for that reason I almost always support teachers on issues.

When it come to their demand for salary increments, I have always always on their side more than doctors. They deserve better salaries and better conditions.

This write up is not about salaries. It is about the appointment of Dr Nkansah as Director General of Ghana Education Service and the associated strike.

This is one of the most bizzare strikes I have ever heard of. It is seems, there is more to it than some of the reasons I have heard. The main reason against his appointment is that, he has never taught in a classroom. That is what I hear on the streets. Unless there is something more.

I also hear the gentleman taught in a second cycle institution and later was employed at Kumasi Technical University. He has also worked in the financial sector and comes on board with significant experience from the financial world too.

Is it that he never lectured at KsTU thus, does not qualify to be a Director General of GES? Or even if he lectured, he worked in a lecture hall and not a classroom? I am confused.

All jokes put aside, I honestly think that the leadership of the teachers association who are spearheading this strike are dragging the name of teachers into the mud. It seems to me there is a personal vendetta against the Director General or the Minister of Education. It seems the leadership is doing someone’s bidding or the motives are on stilts!!


1. Is a coward hiding behind the curtains and pushing the leadership of the teaching fraternity to frustrate the appointment of the Director General. If this is the case, it is very sad and retrogressive.

2. Is it possible that the leadership are using this opportunity to enrich their individual pockets? There are whispers on the street that some members of leadership get ‘sitting allowance’ and T&T from various sources. Is this not blackmail and corruption if that is truly the case? Ordinary teachers are suffering and not getting any benefits, only the leadership may be.

3. Are there any persons with political objectives within the Teachers’leadership to sabotage the smooth running of the education sector by the current government?

4. Are there other prospective candidates who are stoking the fire to get this young man rejected so that they can have a chance to be Director General? Ooooo what a country.

It is fascinating to know that some teachers are not even aware of the strike, let alone the reasons for the strike. Some have openly spoken against the strike and defied the instructions from their leadership to picket.

Was there any consultation with all teachers before this move was made by the leadership?

In these difficult times, it is unthinkable that a teachers organisation will embark on a strike based on such flimsy reasons, taking the nation into consideration.

It seems that the leadership does not value the teaching time being lost, the impact on students and the general effects on our economy.

I have a question to ask. Are there any persons who are currently teaching and intend to further their education and work in other sectors of our economy? If you are such a person and this treatment is metted out to you by the teachers’ union will you be enthused?

To conclude, The Director General role is one of leadership and people management and I am sure that people without teaching qualifications but experience in education institutions, environments should be able to Head the GES. I may be wrong. Kindly correct me if there are any statutes relating to this issue.

If what the teachers are saying should stand, then surely medical doctors are being given a raw deal. Then all Health directorates should be headed by people who are medical doctors too . That is not the case now. Heads of Health directorates rather need a qualification in public health and not in Medicine. Doctors without a qualification in public health cannot head Health Directorates. Is this fair?

Why were they not in arms when our Hard working Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh a medical doctor by profession was appointed as a Minister of Education?

The way our teachers’ leadership are thinking de3 , the CEO of Cocobod should be a Cocoa Farmer.

Similarly, all farmers should be on strike then saying you need farming experience or fishing experience to be Director General at MoFA.

I hope you get my drift.

Hon. Ing. Kobby Amoa-Mensah
NPP PC 2020, Asunafo South.