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The Record Man Ing. Kobby Amoa-Mensah

The Record Man Ing. Kobby Amoa-Mensah

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First NPP PC to get break 18,200 vote limit. In 2016, 55,000 voters registered to vote and NPP PC got 18091.

In 2020, the registered voters reduced to 50 000. Mathematically it meant that if the 2020 PC got 16200 votes his performance would be at par with the 2016 candidate.

Guess what. He got nearly 21,000 votes. The highest votes ever in the history of the NPP PC vote in Asunafo South was attained in 2020.

Records don’t lie.

If this candidate performed with less than 16200 votes then clearly he would be deemed to have under performed compared to 2016 results.

If this candidate had more than 16200 and less than 18091 then it would have been an improvement of 2016 results. This is mathematics.

This candidate got nearly 21000 votes in 2020. That is 4800 vote increase by mathematical interpolation. Any challenger to this?

We thank God that records don’t lie.

If any one deserves to go unopposed in Asunafo South then it is the Highest Votes Record Holder. Any challenger? We are dealing with facts not emotions and personal interests. Party first.

Arguably the highest vote increase ( 2020 to 2016) in Ahafo Region was attained by this candidate. Please check the records. This is mathematics.

The record breaker. The people Choice.

Come on board. Join the Unity Wagon.

He can’t do it alone and you can’t do it alone but we can surely do it together.

The people’s choice is clear.

The People’s Choice is KAMIng.

The PC is KAMIng.
Your PC is Here.

Maintain Hon. Ing. Kobby Amoa-Mensah as Your Asunafo South NPP PC for 2024.