You are in Transit as Veep. Your final destination is President – GoasoManhene professes to Veep.

You are in Transit as Veep. Your final destination is President - GoasoManhene professes to Veep.

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The BawuMania Frenzy is Unstoppable.
For most people, the frenzy and momentum around Dr Alhaji Bawumia is becoming obvious in stages.

Some saw the frenzy and have been strong apostles from day 1. Others are now being overwhelmed by the fever and are now joining the train. For other people it will take a little bit of time but they will eventually join. This is what BawuMania is about. You go Baw.

The capital of Ahafo Region, waited with eagerness on Monday 15th May 2023 for the arrival of their Messiah Alhaji Dr Mahamadu Bawumia.

The day started with JAMA songs echoing from different corners of the city.There was a lot of calm activity amongst the citizenry who were carrying out their daily duties diligently but with ears glued to the ground to receive notification of the arrival of Veep.

The clouds changed colour, strong whirlwinds spiralled lifting dust into the atmosphere. The weather temperature reduced and the heat vanished. This is literally what transpired when I stood Infront of Nana Goaso Manhene’s Palace.

Within 5 minutes, H.E Bawumia arrived infront of the palace of Goaso Manhene ,Nana Akwasi Bosompra.

A high profile delegation including Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie MP Asunafo North, Mr Fred Oware, Hon. Anthony Abeyifa Karbo, Dr Gideon Boako amongst many dignitaries were ushered into the Chief’s Palace by the Ahafo Regional Minister Hon George Yaw Boakye and supported by some members of Ahafo NPP Regional Executives.

Goaso Manhene welcomed Dr Bawumia and his delegation and gave a simple message to Veep,

‘Your are in transit, your final destination is President’. Such an emphatic destination emanated from the well known Goaso Manhene who is known to call a spade.

We know, you have been on this journey for long, the final destination is where we expect you reach. President. This will not be a surprise, he declared.

He further asked the Veep to give special attention to the Kumasi- Goaso Highway to effect it’s smooth construction and completion to improve travel times and road safety.

HE Dr Mahamadu Bawumia thanked the Omanhene and gave his reasons for his visit and also assured the chief of his interest to solve the road challenges raised.

The IT IS POSSIBLE Tour had taken him to Central, Greater Accra, Oti, Western North, Eastern and now Ahafo Region to share his vision for the Nation if elected as President.

In meeting party leadership, it became clear that the DMB message resonated well with relevant stakeholders including Patrons, Elders, constituency chairmen, Regional Executives and party faithfuls.

The message of unity and open arms approach was shared by the Veep to all.

Many people praised Veep for his inclusive approach. It also dawned on many that the Veep has served the party for approximately 23 years starting from the Kuffour Administration.

Indeed if there is any person who has been equipped with all the experience and training needed for the position as President of Ghana, then surely Alhaji Dr Alhaji Mahamadu Bawumia is the safest and best bet.

It is these that many see as unrivalled and unparalleled attributes which make DMB the most viable Presidential flagbearer who can clinch victory for the NPP by breaking the 8 year jinx.

Adwoa Badu, a floating voter and self styled evangelist who came to the grounds of the meeting said ‘ I have a prophesy to reveal, this Veep will become the President of Ghana, he will win with 53 percent, and he will be a great President, if he becomes president remind him I said it here in Goaso’.

With such prophesy at the grassroots from floating voters, it has become apparent that The BawuMania fever is spreading like wild fire. You go Baw, Bebiaa Awu.

Ing. Kobby Amoa-Mensah,
Editor In Chief, BawuMania Newsletter.

(NPP 2020 PC Asunafo South, Ahafo Region)