Following the Trend: The Sankore Violence… My Take


Following the Trend: The Sankore Violence… My Take

Yesteryear's cry in Asunafo South from the NPP was that ' Eric Opoku and his thug are harassing us'' …. Now the tables have turned and Today the cry i

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Yesteryear’s cry in Asunafo South from the NPP was that ‘ Eric Opoku and his thug are harassing us” …. Now the tables have turned and Today the cry is Yaw Boakye’s thugs are beating us up. What will tomorrow’s cry be? …. We live to see.

It is barely two weeks since there was an alleged attack on Hon. Eric Opoku (the current MP for Asunafo South)but that doesn’t make this write up irrelevant.

As usual, am presenting my candid opinion as a citizen and resident of Asunafo South.

I remember it started like a blockbuster movie plot with a climax everyone worryingly look up to. But has ended in an anti-climax and has rather taken a humorous turn as the protagonists have now vanished like an ant in the mouth of a furnace anytime he enter his so called comfortable and accommodative town SANKORE.

Hon. Eric Opoku had all the means, powers, authority and command to bring this violence to an end when he was the head of the Regional Security in Brong Ahafo … BUT HE DIDN’T …. What did we see?

Arresting a murderer under his bed in Sakumono, Changing District Police Commanders like a woman would change the pampers of a new born baby.

Akwasi Adu, the murderer who was arrested at Eric Opoku’s Bedroom at Sakumono

If I tried to recall all, my write up may look boring as it may take more than 1000 pages hence I leave it for another time.

His recent comments “If I strike It will be difficult to stop me” on Accra-based Okay FM on Thursday, 5th April 2018, is incriminating, disgusting and dishonourable. I was not expecting this statement from an elected representative at such a sensitive time. Even the known madmen in Asunafo South would not talk like that, let alone a lawmaker.

When I heard it, initially I was immobilized with shock but upon realizing that I don’t need to expect a white chalk from a charcoal sack, I wasn’t surprise at all.

Hey! … On a more serious note, this is not the time to apportion blame, am talking as a citizen not a spectator and someone who was born, breed, and schooled at Asunafo South District.

I always asked myself these questions …
For how long are we going to continue like this?
Are we going to wipe out our families before we stop this foolishness?

Some have died, some disabled, others living in fear as they don’t know when they will suffer similar fate.

These guys are all dead as result of these political Violence

Come to think of it, we all want peace, no doubt, but could you imagine this.
Some bro get power yestee wey he use am beat my mummy den poppee, he chopped off my hand …Wey today too me I get that power, WHAT GO HAPPEN? … I swear … Do unto others…

Honorable Eric Opoku as the title goes should Honorably do well to bring back all his thugs for the law to take its course.

Forgive and forget will only come to play when the victims of the atrocities committed by his thugs are brought before the law to allow justice to prevail.

Where there is JUSTICE…. There is PEACE.

In the end, I hope we learn lessons. Just that as I have learnt from Ghana, the only lessons we learn from history is that we learn no lessons from it. Once partisanship enters into the fray …. Then everything will PASKA.
Let’s stop this kind of politics ….

I pray for PEACE in Asunafo South but we all know the solution to the problem. They are two people who should be banned from politics in Asunafo South and there will be peace. Its an open secret .. We all know it

Let’s join hands to put a stop to this political impasse in our district.
I know with God all things are possible.

Adiepena Mirekua Akwaa Asunafo South needs God’s intervention so make I borrow your signature for this ….