Ananse The Teacher Presents Science and Technology to Celebrate Day of the African Child in Kukuom


Ananse The Teacher Presents Science and Technology to Celebrate Day of the African Child in Kukuom

The first of its kind to be organised in Brong Ahafo. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) Seminar is an innovativ

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The first of its kind to be organised in Brong Ahafo. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) Seminar is an innovative programme that seeks to raise the interest in, promote and readily make available Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics amongst school children under the auspices of
Young At Heart, Ghana.

The One Day Event brought S.T.E.A.M to the doorsteps of 71 school children in Kukuom (a rural community) using technology and practical methods which are fun and entertaining.

‘Ananse the Teacher’ an application on Google Play Store was experienced and enjoyed by Participants through narration of the stories namely: – *’The Tortoise and the Eagle’* and *’Why the Tortoise has a Rough Shell’*

The narration (story telling) exercise was to arouse the interests of all participants and aid their listening and comprehension skills.

They answered some questions based on the stories told in a fun and relaxed learning environment to end the First (1st) Session of the Seminar.

During the Second (2nd) Session, participants were taken through the *craftmanship* of making different types of gift boxes using manila card as the raw material. The concept of what raw materials are, the importance of shapes and the strengths of the gift boxes were all talked about. Creativity, Innovation and Product Development concepts were all introduced in a simple and practical way to participants.

Participants began to appreciate how close S.T.E.A M. is to their daily lives. This helped to bridge the gap and allay the perception of S.T.E.A.M. being difficult.

From gift boxes, the level of innovation led some participants to develop different types of kites which they likened to flying birds and aeroplanes. This brought up discussions on pilots Etc.

Innovation and imagination is not only restricted to urban dwellers.

The Third (3rd) Session concentrated on professions and careers.

The questions and answers about routes to take and requirements to be met for different professions were also covered. Professions such as journalists, medical doctors, nurses, pilots, police officers were highlighted by the participants. We could have spent the entire day talking about professions. The interests exhibited, clearly showed the participants had ambitions and there is the need to afford them more counselling and guidance in the future.

The Forth (4th) session (digital tour) exposed the participants to the concepts of protecting the environment, recycling, improving our sanitation, community public health and nutrition were all captured through the use of engaging digital learning tools.

Applications which would improved their S.T.E.A.M. knowledge.

*Ananse The Teacher App* application served as an exciting learning tool.

The Head Master of Methodist JHS, Mr Ening Fordjour stated, ‘This has surely been a fun day acquiring knowledge.’ We have learned about new ways of educating our students’

The program was brought to Kukuom and facilitated by the *Assembly Member for Kukuom Abr)mamu*, Hon. Ing. Kobby Amoa – Mensah. He thanked Young at Heart, Ghana for accepting to bring S.T.E.A.M to the doorsteps of children in his electoral area and appealed to other organisations to come to help improve the lives of the people of Kukuom and Asunafo South at large.

*The District Director of Education, Mrs Kankam* , thanked the organisers and facilitators for organising such an innovative project to Asunafo South.

She furthermore thanked the Assembly Member for having a strong interest in education in the district and prayed that others will follow the examplary leadership of the Assembly member to help promote education in the area.

Victor Ayertey, The Program Manager of Young at Heart Ghana, advocated that opportunity should be given every young person to interact with Ananse the Teacher App to aid innovation. He reiterated that, Our generation does not have any excuse to fail at becoming creative innovators to provide solutions to the various challenges we encounter daily in our communities.’

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By: AMEND Foundation, Education

Source: Ahafo News.