The Bribery Allegation – Common Sense Analysis

The Bribery Allegation – Common Sense Analysis (No Hard Feelings) Following the bribery allegation claim by MP for Bawku central, Hon. Mahama Ay

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The Bribery Allegation – Common Sense Analysis (No Hard Feelings)

Following the bribery allegation claim by MP for Bawku central, Hon. Mahama Ayariga to the effect that a ministerial nominee for Energy and Petroleum, Boakye Agyarko, who has since been sworn into office, attempted to bribe members of the minority on the Appointment committee, to facilitate his recommendation for approval.
People voiced out their views looking at the issue from different angles on different platform I have the chance to listen to. I present my take on this allegation. I understand perfectly well that a committee has been set – up headed by Hon. Joe Ghartey to investigate the matter and any statement that will be made leading to early judgment is subject to contempt. But as a concern citizen, I have decided to make a common sense analysis on the issue. After all, this is my space.
Hon. Mahama Ayariga, Mp for Bawku central constituency has alleged on an Accra based Radio Gold that Energy Minister designate now Minister gifted the Appointment committee the sum of GHc100, 000. He further claimed NDC MPs on the committee were offered GHc3000 each, but they rejected it after they were told of the giver. Nightmare
My question is …….. Can you receive money for not knowing the reason or for no work done? … Oh yes … I remember, he is an NDC man……. NDC Financier and Businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome did same for receiving GHc51.2million for no job done. (Woyome confirm on Peace FM with Kwame Sefa Kaye).

Mahama Ayariga before the 5 member committee chaired by Former Attorney General (Hon. Joe Ghartey) confirm that he made up the bribery allegation.
On January 27 2017, Chairman of the Appointment committee Hon. Joe Osei – Wusu on the floor of parliament said that the former Science and technology minister in a closed door meeting says he made the claimed up to “level the playing field” because the nominee has impugned the reputation of former President John Mahama. Joynews Parliamentary correspondent Joseph Gakpo, said Mahama Ayariga was on the floor of parliament but he did not raise any objection to what Mr. Osei – Wusu had said. He did not make any intervention. Gakpo said after the session he tried to speak to Mahama Ayariga on what Mr. Osei – Wusu had said about his claim. There again, Mahama Ayariga said he would not speak on the matter.
If Hon. 1st deputy speaker statement is to go by …….. Then is “Mr. Mahama Ayariga tantamount to perjury” ……. If so what are the consequences.

Perjury is a crime of lying under oath, is a serious offense because it can derail the basic goal of a Justice system. Even the famous and the powerful have faced the consequences of perjury, which include prosecution (Barry Bond), Prison (Marion Jones), and impeachment (Bill Clinton). (Source: American legal site). Perjury charge may be brought when someone makes a false statement after being sworn in or promising to tell the truth. All parts of the definition are important, I will take a closer look at it,
1. Perjury only happens under oath
2. Perjury requires a statement
3. Intent to mislead
4. Only false statement are perjury
5. Inconsistent statement can lead to perjury

I have also decided to take a closer look at Hon. Mahama Ayariga’s credibility.

1. The issue of Andrew Solomon (Gay Lobbyist)
On 11th February 2013, Gay lobbyist said he has known President Mahama for eight years. When the story broke, Hon. Mahama Ayariga (the then information minister) issue an official statement denying that President Mahama ever knew Andrew Solomon. Apparently, President Mahama felt uncomfortable with the potential backlash of open denial of his friend and he quickly called Andrew Solomon to apologize for the blatant denial by his minister and official statement was issue the next day. (New York Times).

2. The Renaming of Flagstaff House
On 18th march 2016, Hon. Mahama Ayariga broke the news that agreement has been reached at the presidency that Flagstaff house to be renamed Jubilee Flagstaff House. He sung discordant tunes from different books relative to this renaming.

3. Seth Terkper Gives us Headache
On 31st march 2014, Hon. Mahama Ayariga said on joynews News file that “the frankness of finance minister Seth Terkper on the state of the economy gets him worried. He further stated that Mr. Terkper policy of honesty gives him headache.

All these are on records. I am of the view that if found guilty, he could face the same fate as Bill Clinton (impeachment), Barry Bond (Prosecution) or Marion Jones (imprisonment). It is high time our legislature, one of the respected arms of government redeem their image.
I beg Hon. Joe Ghartey no contempt oooooooo, I just spoke my mind, is a common sense analysis …. No hard feelings.

The thought of a concern citizen not a spectator.

Yeboah Benjamin