Blame South Africa Leaders for Xenophobic Attacks


Blame South Africa Leaders for Xenophobic Attacks

Blame South Africa Leaders for Xenophobic Attacks Yesterday the war cry was "kill the Boer", Today the war cry is " Kill the BLACK" ..... What will

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5000ononBlame South Africa Leaders for Xenophobic Attacks

Yesterday the war cry was “kill the Boer”, Today the war cry is ” Kill the BLACK” ….. What will tomorrow war cry be …. We live to see. Black on Black violence. Huh!!!
The picture in south Africa for long time looked comparatively rosy, at least from the northern border of Zimbabwe.

Doing my common sense analysis as usual, I realise that combination of cowardice and incompetence of their political leaders across the spectrum has fanned the flame of xenophobic hatred. I present my take …. After all this is my space.

For all its progress, South Africa still faces extraordinary challenges of which jobs for young people is perhaps the most important. With approximately a third of continental GDP, South Africa has failed to increase formal sector employment sufficiency. The South Africa treasury has noted that 13.1million South African are employed. The country would need to employ 18 million people to keep the pace with the number of people entering the labour market, this would require the economy to create 9 million jobs over the next 10 years. The unemployment rate among South Africa youth from 15 to 24 years is 51%. (Labour division SA).

There are alot into this unemployment rate in South Africa. I cannot boast of knowing it all, but here are few.

1. The domestic textile sector in the country, once a key employer, lost about 75000 jobs during the 2000s to mainly cheaper Chinese and South Southeast Asian competition. (SA: Business documentary – walanyo).

2. An assembly plant called ” Car Distributors Assembly (CDA) Pty Ltd”. The number of workers declined from 7000 to 3000 in 2011.(CDA Ltd site).

3. South African productivity remains low, despite the government spending 20% of its budget on education (more than 5% of GDP). This expenditure ensures free education in two – thirds of schools, yet fewer than half the pupils who enter the system reach the final year,grade 12, and the quality of education is among the lowest in Africa.

After the leaders failing to deliver on their promises, provide employment and quality education for their people , they still went ahead altering words to provoke its citizens leading to attack on immigrant. Here are few …..

Mario Khumalo a political leader of South Africa first party when asked about the xenophobic attack he gave an answer which sound like Donald Trump talking point. ” There are too many foreigners here” …. We have allowed in criminals and former child soldiers. The government has failed to protect its own people. The 37 year old said on a campaign launch platform and promising mass deportation of immigrants and ” strict vetting”.

In 2015, Herman Mashsaba (Pretoria Mayor) refer to foreigners as criminals and also taking up jobs that belongs to citizens.

Jacob Zuma (President) when addressing the media on this issue said ” Government cannot ignore allegations that foreigners are committing crimes. We cannot close our eyes on the concern of the communities that are affected. Their are taking up their jobs. Our people are not xenophobic but they are fighting for what for is rightfully theirs.

It is really irresponsible of politicians to incite this kind of violence after failing to deliver on their promises. Politicians in the country are shifting their failure to foreigners rather than taking it up.
Coalition of civics against Xenophobic attacks have blame politicians for their choice of words.

Mr. Ekambaram (Human Right Lawyer SA) said it is not true that immigrant were taking up local jobs and business opportunities. Research by Africa Check ( Factsheeet & Guide) also prove him right stating less than 18% of small business were owned by foreigners and more than 50% were owned by South Africans.

South Africans are telling other African countries that they are better, they live in a country of believers and are also different and special not like other Africans generally.

The violence against immigrants is ” an expression of terrible failure of memory by South Africans”. We gave them refuge in our countries during their struggle against apartheid.

“Do unto others ………..

The thought of a worried African not a spectator.

Yeboah Benjamin
Health Service Administration (UGBS)
Association of Certified Chartered Economist (Health Economist – Associate member)